Former Giant Steve Weatherford Is Trolling Eagles Fans

Someone put ex-punter Steve Weatherford's jersey on the Rocky Statue. Weatherford continues to troll Eagles fans despite being cut by the Giants last month.

#TeamWeatherford has invaded the city of brotherly love…. Can’t wait to see my brothers get to work on #MNF Photo Cred: @Teddyv28 via Twitter #NYG #Giants

Posted by Steve Weatherford on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Last night on his Facebook page, Steve Weatherford posted this abomination, an image sent to him from someone on Twitter with his New York Giants jersey draped over the Rocky Statue. This will not fly (Eagles fly)!

What’s odd about this is Weatherford is the former Giants punter. He was cut by the Giants in early September after the team acquired Brad Wing from the Steelers. (Wing, coincidentally, was with the Eagles during the 2013 offseason.) But despite being cut by the team, Weatherford is still hyping up the Giants game tonight on Twitter.

I’ve been attached to old jobs that fired me before, but never to the extent Weatherford is. He’s actually been tweeting in support of the Giants all season.

Is he just trying to get back on the squad? Eh, it doesn’t seem likely. Wing has been impressive this season. And, anyway, what team is going to bring back a player because he tweeted nice things about them?

Either way, it will be nice when the Eagles win by three touchdowns tonight and Weatherford gets a taste of his own medicine on Twitter. Or maybe Eagles fans will put a jersey of our former punter, Sav Rocca, on the Statue of Liberty. The possibilities for retaliation are almost endless.