Mets Fans Chant “Utley Sucks”, but He Doesn’t Play

Chase Utley now plays for a team based 3,000 miles away from Philadelphia. He's still annoying Mets fans like he did with the Phillies.

Our old pal Chase Utley has been in the news quite a bit this week, after his takeout slide at second base broke Ruben Tejada’s leg and helped the Dodgers even the National League Division Series against the Mets. New York hosted L.A. at Citi Field in Queens last night, and Mets fans had something to say to Utley.

Utley, who was suspended for two games but is eligible to play while he appeals, did not start and did not enter the game. He reportedly was offered a 1-game suspension as a deal, but turned it down. He could have just taken the suspension, not played, and he wouldn’t have to worry about appealing! Instead, Utley and the Dodgers chose a suboptimal strategy.

The Dodgers grabbed a 3-0 lead in the top of the second inning, but Mets fans had a good rest of the night. The Mets scored the next 10 runs and held on for a 13-7 victory to take a 2-1 series lead. A win tonight clinches the series.

Twenty runs were scored last night, so there were delays in the game for a few reasons: Instant replays, pitching changes, long home runs. And during many of these delays, Mets fans amused themselves by chanting two things: “Utley sucks” and “We Want Utley.”

Sure, Utley (and Jimmy Rollins, who went 1-for-5) lost last night. But it’s fun to know: Chase Utley has left the Phillies, but at least he’s still annoying Mets fans.