Reports: Kim Davis Met With Pope Francis

Kim Davis Huckabee

Just when you thought we were over the Pope here in Philly, there’s a bizarre twist: The Advocate is reporting that rogue Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis met privately with Pope Francis during his trip to the United States.

This is all according to Davis’ lawyers from the conservative Liberty Counsel, who issued a statement on the matter which, in part, reads as follows:

“During the meeting Pope Francis said, ‘Thank you for your courage.’ Pope Francis also told Kim Davis, ‘Stay strong.’ He held out his hands and asked Kim to pray for him. Kim held his hands and said, ‘I will. Please pray for me,’ and the Pope said he would. The two embraced. The Pontiff presented Kim and Joe Davis each with a Rosary that he personally blessed. Kim’s mother and father are Catholic, and Kim and Joe will present the Rosaries to her parents. Kim’s mother was the elected Clerk of Court for Rowan County for 37 years until her retirement in 2014.”

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