#PopeReads: A Pa. Priest Took a Selfie at a Papal Mass

What they're saying about the pope, Philadelphia and the pope in Philadelphia.

Photo | Bradley Maule

Photo | Bradley Maule

Each day during his trip, we’ll bring you some of our favorite stories about Pope Francis’ visit to the United States from other media outlets.

Priest Snaps Selfie During Pope Francis’ Mass in Philadelphia,” NBC News

Pretty much everyone has been snapping a photo of the pope with a phone when he goes by. That includes priests.

Pope Francis is clearly visible in the background during his Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia on Saturday. Reaction on Instagram has been mostly enthusiastic, but one disapproving commenter asked: “During Mass, really? Are you even a priest?”


The papal selfie was waken by the Rev. Stephen Paolino, a priest at St. Aloysius in Pottstown.

Pope Francis at Ground Zero,” Paul Elie, Vanity Fair

Before he got to Philadelphia, the pope made one poignant trip to the memorial at the World Trade Center. VF waxed poetic about it:

Now, Francis is here, having come to Ground Zero, like his predecessor Benedict XVI, to try to find words and gestures worthy of what happened in this place. From the 41st floor, the site is in full view. The day is as sunny and clear as that day 14 years and two weeks ago. A prie-dieu, or kneeler, is set up at the northwest corner of the reflecting pool where Tower One once stood. Security officers—snipers, probably—are on the roof of the Memorial Museum.

Elie also wrote an excellent profile of Pope Francis earlier this month.

Pope Francis ditches political speech for jokes and improvised address on family,” Rory Carroll and Alan Yuhas, The Guardian

This is a nice reflection on Pope Francis’ speech last night.

It was billed as a sort of Catholic variety show, with world-class performers from Aretha Franklin to Andrea Bocelli and even a stand-up comic. Nobody thought Pope Francis would be the one doing the improv.

The Pope’s speech last night was incredible. He even had to ask what time mass was today when he told people to come! He went off-script in a speech that was, for me, the highlight of the day. He even told a mother-in-law joke.

Pope Francis is not a progressive — he just has terrific PR, Olivia Goldhill, Quartz

Pope Francis seems to have a certain charm. He does seem like a genuinely likable person. But that’s partially, of course, because he’s so great at managing his image. He’s politician-like in the way he greets people — he even kisses babies!

But while Pope Francis deservedly receives great respect as head of the Catholic Church, rapturous applause from non-believers is drowning out the substance of his message. Pope Francis has the power to change the world. He should be treated as an influential religious leader, not a celebrity.

The pope’s PR is apparently managed by Greg Burke, the vatican senior media advisor.

Mark Wahlberg closes speech in front of Pope Francis with ‘Go Eagles’, Jared Dubin, CBS Sports

Yes, this happened.

If you’re surprised as to why Wahlberg, who is well known as a fan of the New England Patriots, would say such a thing, remember that he portrayed former Eagle Vince Papale in the movie, Invincible.

How nice of him to switch allegiances for one weekend.

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