Rainbow Popesicles Pop-Up Shop Comes to Philly on Friday

The one and only Mr. Popescile.

The one and only Mr. Popescile.

Of all of the Pope-related merchandise being pawned off this week, this may be the strangest (and coolest…all puns intended): A giant rainbow popsicle with hands and feet is invading Philadelphia on Friday, selling miniature edible versions of himself, all for a good cause.


Meet Mr. Popesicle: He’s the brainchild behind a fundraising campaign for The Trevor Project, and he’ll be setting up a pop-up shop this Friday, September 25 at 13th and Locust between 11 am and 3 pm, selling rainbow-colored ice pops made by Lil Pop Shop. Besides getting your hand on a Popescile, you’ll be able to meet Mr. Popesicle himself, a “dynamic character perfect for photo opportunities.”

So why even associate the rainbow ice with the Pope? Representatives for the project told me a part of it has to do with the timing of the Pope’s visit, along with the fact that they believe this Pope “finally gets it” when it comes to equality and acceptance.

Fans of the gorgeous rainbow pops are encouraged to use #Popesicles when chatting about ice pops and Mr. Popesicle on social media.