HRC Issues Video Featuring Margie Winters, Fired Waldron Mercy Academy Teacher

Margie Winters

In preparation for the Papal visit, the Human Rights Campaign has issued a new video featuring fired Waldron Mercy Academy teacher Margie Winters and her wife, Andrea.

Ms. Winters became something of an unexpected LGBT celebrity after she was terminated from her long-time teaching position because of her sexuality. The video features Ms. Winters, plus former students and parents, speaking about the lack of justice in her firing.

The video is a part of the HRC’s strategy to create global awareness of the issues LGBT Catholics face in the United States. They also plan on unveiling a banner at the HRC headquarters in Washington, D.C., asking the Pope to “open the Church’s doors to LGBT Catholics.” Their building, which is in close proximity to St. Matthew’s Cathedral where the Pope will meet with bishops, will also serve as “a natural convening space…[where] LGBT Catholics will gather outside…to life up their voice and ask to be welcomed back into the Church community.”