First Look: The New 76ers Court Design

The 76ers are designing a new playing surface. Philadelphia magazine has obtained a photo of it being put together.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been in the midst of a redesign this offseason.

They first unveiled a new logo back in May, then followed that up with new uniform designs that combined elements of various uniforms worn by the team in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s.

With a new logo comes a new court design. Philadelphia magazine has obtained an exclusive photo of the new court being put together:


(click on the image to view a high-resolution version of the photo)

The logo at the center of the court is the most obvious, albeit subtle, change from last year’s design. The Sixers decided to put the partial logo at center court, which omits the outer blue ring that contains “PHILADELPHIA,” along with 6 stars, from the primary logo.

There are a few other minor touches, such as a ring of 13 stars to the side of the paint, and PHILADELPHIA stretching across the entire baseline, rather than PHILADELPHIA 76ERS, as it read previously.

Overall, the new court isn’t a drastic change from what fans saw at the Wells Fargo Center last season, but it brings a few nice touches to the design on top of incorporating the new logo.

The 76ers will begin training camp at the end of the month, with preseason action beginning on October 6th.

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