Equality Pennsylvania Issues Faith Moral Statement on Discrimination Petition

Equality Pennsylvania has issued a “Faith Moral Statement on Discrimination” accompanied by a petition which asks readers to sign if they agree with the organization’s observations.

The statement, in full, reads:

“I believe discrimination is immoral. It is not right that lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people can be fired, evicted, or refused services at a business based on who they are. Because of my faith, I support updating the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to protect LGBT people from employment, housing, and public accommodations discrimination along with other minority groups.”

Accompanying the moral statement is a more detailed letter written by Ammon Ripple, MLS, MDiv, which includes several comments from faith leaders around the region. Ripple’s letter, in part, reads:

“Regardless of any differences about other moral questions related to LGBT persons, we hope you will join a chorus of thousands of across Pennsylvania who say that because of our faith, we support equality and fairness for LGBT people. Please sign a moral statement to go on record publicly as supporting nondiscrimination protections for our LGBT neighbors in Pennsylvania.”

One of the letter’s contributors, Pastor Chris Hart, writes:

“I hope every person of faith will join me in working to change the laws in Pennsylvania so that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people can be treated justly as they live in our communities. They deserve the right to work and to be judged based solely on their performance. They deserve the right to fair treatment in buying or renting a home. They deserve to be treated equally and with respect when using public services and patronizing businesses. Let us do justice together and help to create a better community in our state!”

You can read the entire letter by visiting this website.