Details on Ab Fab Movie Revealed

From the official "Ab Fab" BBC website.

From the official “Ab Fab” BBC website.

Darling, have we got news for you: Attitude is reporting new details on the highly anticipated Ab Fab motion picture, and it has us wanting to drink a martini before noon on a Wednesday!

According to the report, the movie will begin filming on October 12 of this year, and will feature both Saunders and Lumley playing their oh-so-popular roles for the big screen. Saunders, who penned the script, finished the first draft in January.

Also revealed in the interview: Hunky supermodel David Gandy will appear in the film, and Saunders is hoping that Elton John might make a guest appearance.

Saunders also said that the movie “involves all the main characters and virtually everyone that’s ever been in the series – all those characters – and we’re in London, and sometimes we might go to the south of France, I’m hoping…I’m waiting for the budget! It could be anywhere – if it’s a big budget, it will be the Bahamas!”

Although the interview didn’t reveal a release date, we’re hoping for 2016.