Brian Sims Named One of “The Best Philadelphians” for 2015

brian sims enda

Everyone’s favorite out State Representative Brian Sims has been named to Philadelphia Magazine‘s “Best Philadelphians” list for 2015.

The list, which features 35 Philadelphians that our mother publication just adores, was written by Philly Mag’s Liz Spikol. Sims was jokingly selected for a “sports honor,” as Spikol explains below:

“State Rep Brian Sims gets a sports honor, too, as he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for a military assistance program. Sims — one of the few people in Harrisburg with a pulse — is now working on legislation to make voter registration easier, and he’ll reintroduce equal pay as part of the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women’s Health.”

As artfully explained in the preface to our selections, “This group of Best Philadelphians should have so many more people on it — several million more — because every Philadelphian is a Best Philadelphian. Every single one of us should get a gold star, dammit, especially when it’s snowing outside and the buses aren’t running and the ramp to 95 is closed. But all yearbooks must have superlatives, so we do want to highlight some people who have made this a banner year.”

Congrats to Brian Sims and the rest of our winners!