We’re Kind of in Love With This “Gay is Ok” Soap from Lush

Admit it: Lush Cosmetics was always a bit gay, and they haven’t really been too shy about it, either. But starting tomorrow, June 25th, they are about to get really, really gay.

The popular bath and body shop, which has a location right on Walnut Street here in Philly, is launching their #GayIsOk campaign, featuring a fabulous gold glitter bar of soap as the centerpiece. The soap, which costs $5.95, is about as gay as you can possibly get (I mean, just look at it), and it’s all for a good cause: Lush will donate all proceeds from purchases to grassroots LGBT organizations across the world. They hope to raise $385,000 by the end of the campaign.

“This is a historic time for LGBT rights, as countries across the globe begin to legalize gay marriage, but there’s still a long way to go,” claim the Lush folks, who have teamed up with All Out to manage the campaign effort. They’re asking customers and supporters alike to use hashtag #GayIsOk on social media to support their efforts, and, for crying out loud, go take a nice, long shower with your new bar of soap: The limited-edition gold suds are only on sale through July 4th.