10 Gay Documentaries on Netflix Streaming

A scene from "Mr. Angel."

A scene from “Mr. Angel.”

Sometimes, you need a little reality check. That’s why a good documentary can be a welcomed change to, say, battering your head against a wall while watching another episode of Game of Thrones. In no particular order, we rounded up ten great LGBT documentaries that you can stream right now on Netflix, and there’s a little something for everyone in our list.

1. Bridegroom: “This timely documentary tells the story of Shane Bitney Crone, who finds himself without marriage’s legal protections when his same-sex partner dies.”

2. Vito: “This documentary explores the life and work of activist Vito Russo, who wrote The Celluloid Closet, which examines movie portrayals of homosexuals. Russo was a powerful force in gay politics and AIDS awareness before dying of the disease in 1990.”

3. Paris is Burning: “This Sundance prize-winning documentary is an intimate portrait of 1980s Harlem drag balls: a world of fierce competition, sustenance, and survival.”

4. We Were Here: “The AIDS crisis forever changed gay culture in San Francisco, as examined in this documentary that traces the disease’s impact on five individuals.”

5. Edie and Thea: A Very Long Engagement: “After four decades of lesbian partnership, Edie and Thea are finally able to achieve their dream of being married in this intimate bio-documentary.”

6. Outrage: “Director Kirby Dick exposes the hypocrisy of gay politicians who publicly criticize the LGBT community while hiding their own sexual orientation.”

7. For the Bible Tells Me So: “This documentary examines the ways in which conservative Christian groups have used—and sometimes exploited—scripture to deny human rights.”

8. Pageant: “In this fabulous documentary, go behind the scenes as 52 men don makeup, wigs, gowns, heels and perfectly placed padding to vie for one crown.”

9. Call Me Kuchu: “This powerful film follows David Kato, the first openly homosexual man in Uganda, as he fights the nation’s looming anti-gay laws.”

10. Mr. Angel: “Enter the fascinating world of transgender activist and porn pioneer Buck Angel as he shares his inspirational quest for acceptance.”