Seth MacFarlane Talks Caitlyn Jenner “Family Guy” Episodes

A scene from "Family Guy."

A scene from “Family Guy.”

Several years ago, everyone’s favorite politically-incorrect cartoon sitcom, Family Guy, aired a series of episodes that seem to eerily predict Caitlyn Jenner’s transition. Note the following clip, where Stewie calls Jenner “an elegant, beautiful…woman:”

Of course, the question has been whether or not Seth MacFarlane and other Family Guy creators actually knew about Jenner’s transition, and, finally, MacFarlane has broken his silence on the matter. During a discussion with The Huffington Post, MacFarlane made clear his position:

“When asked how the jokes came about during a recent Ted 2 conference call, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane told The Huffington Post he’s ‘too savvy to comment on the issue to the media.’ He explained, ‘Once the outrage industry shuts down, I will be happy to have an adult conversation about all of this stuff anytime anyone wants, but, even though I’m on the side of support, I just don’t think there’s any way to … you just got to play it safe because the climate is just too charged. Anything I say can and will be used against me.’ The comedian added, ‘My philosophy is live and let live, and if something makes someone happy, and they’re able to do it—as long as it isn’t hurting anybody—live and let live.'”

He also added that most outrage from comedy doesn’t come from the viewers or the audience, but from the media. “Nobody sets out to—at least I don’t—nobody sets out to offend or shock for the sake of shocking,” he said. “You set out to get laughs.”