Famed Author Anne Lamott Says She’ll Call Caitlyn Jenner “She” “When the Pee-Pee is Gone”

Her Twitter comments have got us shaking our heads.

Anne Lamott, from her official Facebook page.

Anne Lamott, from her official Facebook page.

Most likely, if you’ve ever taken a creative writing class, you’ve read something by Anne Lamott (namely her book Bird By Bird). This afternoon, however, Ms. Lamott took to Twitter to criticize the media frenzy over Caitlyn Jenner, intentionally misgendering her, and then let some rather surprising transphobia hit the interwebs.

It started when she sent out this first Tweet, questioning the public’s reaction to the Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair coverage:


The criticism here, that Jenner was hypersexualized for the now infamous Vanity Fair cover, would be totally fair game, but clearly Ms. Lamott misgendered Jenner. After several Twitter followers called her out on her folly, things got a lot worse:


Again, Ms. Lamott’s argument that Jenner has a privileged platform to discuss her transition might have been valid, if she didn’t throw in the absurd notion that gender is a direct correlation to body parts, namely the “pee-pee.”

To say this is disappointing rhetoric from Ms. Lamott is an understatement, and if you check out the reaction to her comments on her Twitter profile, it’s clear she’s getting some pretty pointed feedback about her Tweets. You can follow her at @AnneLamott.

UPDATE [6/11/15, 7:50 pm]: After a good deal of criticism from her readers, Ms. Lamott has issued an apology via Twitter, and removed what was arguably the most inflammatory Tweet about Caitlyn Jenner’s body. Below is the  Tweet from Ms. Lamott: