Brian Sims on Caitlyn Jenner, and How She Can Help the Republican Party

Caitlyn Jenner broke the Internet yesterday and, like a busted piñata, it spilled forth pages and tweets and status updates worth of opinions and remarks about this most famous of all gender transformations. We’ve heard it all (Philly Mag columnist Monica Weymouth details some of it here), but local State Representative Brian Sims chimed in today on a topic that we haven’t heard much about since yesterday’s news broke: the fact that the world’s most recognized transgender woman is … a Republican! He shared his take on Facebook in a status update:

It’s OK that Caitlyn Jenner is a Republican! There I said it.

Does that mean that the GOP is now going to stop fighting LGBT rights? Probably not. Does that mean that Ms. Jenner is going to keep using her platform to expose other Republicans to new ideas and new families? Probably.

Pretending that Equality is a one party issue is going to keep us from achieving it. It’s not ignoring the real problems and frustrations that many of us have with the GOP’s historical approach to Equality but it’s also not being a martyr to that past instead of trying to make a better future.
There’s not an equal America in the future without a Republican Party that believes in equality and in order for that to happen, Republicans have to be diverse and support equality as well. It is possible.

Stay a Republican, Ms. Jenner, if that’s what you believe in, just PLEASE use your many privileges to open the eyes and minds of those that most need it.