New App Will Help You Find “Safe Bathrooms” in Philly

The Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs has launched a new app and mobile site called the Gotta Go Guide, which helps transgender and gender-nonconforming people find gender-neutral bathrooms in and around Philadelphia.

According to Philadelphia Gay News (PGN), the app, which is powered by Google Maps, “tracks public, commercial and governmental buildings that offer gender-neutral restrooms.” There are currently 130 spots on the map—including familiar places, like William Way and the Mazzoni Center, and others that you may not have realized, like Reading Terminal Market, Trader Joe’s and the Betsy Ross House.

“People should be able to access a bathroom that fits their gender identity but there are ongoing issues of harassment, bullying and true danger from other people using these bathrooms with them, customers, security guards, business owners,” Director of the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs Nellie Fitzpatrick told PGN. “Society as a whole needs to be educated about our laws and the rights people have and people need to stop policing other people’s gender in the restroom.”

She also notes that the Gotta Go Guide is not only useful for trans and gender-nonconforming folks, but for parents with children of the opposite sex or, you know, anyone who just wants to relieve themselves without a zillion strangers in the vicinity.

You can access the Gotta Go Guide here.