WATCH: Cops Chase Cow on New Jersey Highway

A cow got on to I-295 in Hamilton, New Jersey, today at rush hour. The police eventually tied it to the guardrail.

Philly highways may be a mess, but at least they’re generally free of livestock. New Jersey commuters have it tougher: Around 8:30 this morning, motorists on I-295 in Hamilton had to contend with a cow.

The cow was on the northbound side of I-295 in Hamilton near exit 60B, said Arcadio Rivera (who captured the video above). The cow on the highway also led to this tremendous sentence from Action News: “Moments later, video from Chopper 6 showed the cow surrounded by nearly a dozen police vehicles.”

The best parts of this second video are the people mooing and the kid laughing in the background. It reminds me of the video of the train hitting the watermelon truck filmed by a father and son.

Action News reported the cow was eventually corralled and tied to the guardrail. Presumably, the cow was charged with a moo-ving violation. (Sorry.)