Does World’s First Gay Fighting Video Game Go Too Far With LGBT Stereotypes?


Gay Fighter Supreme creators Melchor Cardenas and Michael Patrick (aka Handsome Woman Productions).

Remember the last season of Looking (R.I.P), when Patrick and Kevin created a video game with gay characters that was panned for perpetuating tired LGBT stereotypes? Well, looks like real life is imitating art, or vice versa, thanks to game creators Handsome Woman Productions.

For the gaymer in us all, the world’s first gay fighting game is finally here after years of development. Handsome Woman Productions‘s Gay Fighter Supreme features 10 LGBT fighters—from drag queen Carrie Cupcake and pole artist GoGo Gary to lesbian Sappho Ethridge and twink Timmy Spears—all competing to win the title of Gay Fight champion.

The game, available today for $1.99 via iTunes or GooglePlay, is a colorful and lively queer take of mainstream fighting games like Mortal Combat or Street Fighter—and yes, it’s rife (rife!) with stereotypes. But the creators aren’t worried; they say they’re ready for the haters. “Anyone who mistakenly views the game as offensive or feels it perpetuates gay stereotypes is missing the point,” says co-creator Melchor Cardenas. “It’s pure satire. We don’t mean to offend anyone. If it does offend someone, we hope it inspires them to create a fun queer-themed game of their own.”

Offend they will. Here are the characters you can play with bios taken directly from the website:

So what do you think? Is this offensive? Progressive? Or just plain fun? I can see arguments for all. Who wouldn’t want to beat down Anna Paylin or some hate-spewing preacher?! The John Wayne Gacy comment, and some of the black stereotypes on the other hand … they may go a little too far. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment sections.

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