WATCH: Mitch Williams, Lenny Dykstra Have Spat at Roast [VNSFW]

Things got a little heated at a dual roast of former Phillies players Mitch Williams and Lenny Dysktra late last month.

The language in the above video is considered not safe for work, unless you work on on a 18th-century shipping vessel or a factory where swear words are created.

A few weeks ago, Lenny Dykstra and Mitch Williams were roasted by a lineup consisting primarily of WIP jocks (and also Stu Bykofsky, John Bolaris and Susie Celek).

A video has now been making the rounds of a tense moment at the roast between Williams and Dykstra. It was posted by Joe Conklin’s Twitter account, so maybe — as Big League Stew speculates — it’s all an act.

After Williams accuses Dykstra of hating him because Lenny didn’t win the MVP, Dykstra replies. “You think I give a fuck about the MVP?” Dykstra says. “You don’t even know the fuckin’ rules.”

“Do you know how many more drugs you made me take?” Dykstra adds later.

Williams later responds: “I have five kids who I’ve never stolen a dollar from… I didn’t rob my mother.” Dykstra responded that this argument should be about baseball, and not personal attacks. Yikes.

The two have history, like when Williams confronted Dykstra at a card show late in 2013. They then took shots at each other on WIP while promoting the roast, which was hosted by Joe Conklin (as if you couldn’t guess that already).

All in all, sounds like a pretty good event! Next year I hope they can do a dual roast of Chip Kelly and LeSean McCoy.

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