Flooding Wrecks Attic Youth Center’s Kitchen

Now they need your help to get things up and running again.

Photo courtesy of Attic Youth Center.

Photo courtesy of Attic Youth Center.

The Attic Youth Center is in quite a pickle. During the snowstorm earlier this month, a pipe in their building South 16th Street froze and burst, sending water gushing all over the second floor and into the kitchen below. As a result, the entire kitchen was destroyed—the ceiling, walls, floor, counters, cabinets, appliances, everything.

Thankfully, insurance will cover basic recovering costs, but, “it doesn’t not cover the costs of the improvements necessary to keep our kitchen open and operating for years to come,” says Executive Director Carrie Jacobs. “Our kitchen is a warm and welcoming space, right off our lobby, where our youth and staff gather to have meaningful conversations, share recipes, and cook together. Every day, staff and volunteers cook and serve dinner to over 45 LGBTQ youth, many of whom do not have consistent access to food or hot meals.”

If you have some extra cash on hand, consider donating to their renovation fund. They’re looking to raise $10,000 to keep everything fired up and running in tip-top shape. The money will help accommodate all the cooking they want to do at the Attic, which means purchasing larger ovens, more cabinets and counter space, and a larger refrigerator.

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