New York City: A Travel Guide for Savvy Philadelphians

Because we’re not exactly tourists, are we?

Photo by Susanne Kremer

Photo by Susanne Kremer

We’ve got the Pope. We’ve got the millennials. We’ve got Top Chefs. You know what all that means? We don’t need to be frenemies with the Big Apple anymore; we can truly enjoy it for what it is — one of the best cities in the world that also happens to be Philly’s most convenient urban getaway.

Still, one thing will never change: We’re not very interested in doing NYC like the rest of the selfie-stick-toting visitors. No, we zip up there just for the day; we skip Times Square; we have, in a way, the luxury of experiencing the city like a local, hitting up the restaurant of the week, lounging in the more offbeat urban parks, seeing amazing talent that’s way, way off Broadway. And after all that fun, we can be back in our own (affordable) homes in our own (awesome) city in less than two hours.

See? Being a Philadelphian in New York can be a pretty great thing. Here’s our guide to getting the most out of your quick jaunt to our neighbor to the north.

Edited by Ashley Primis