WATCH: Pussé Parlor Summon Madonna and a Little Fifty Shades in New Promo Video

If you haven’t seen Gemini Rose or Icon Ebony Fierce perform, you should have your gay and Philly cards taken away. Gemini Rose is like something out of Paris in the 1930s, a showgirl who’s blindingly gorgeous, dripping with sex and ever the provocateur in her risqué, barely clad performances. Icon Ebony Fierce is, like his name suggests, the epitome of an icon. He may be young, but his presence is like that of an African goddess: proud, captivating and ferocious. They’re two of the city’s most dynamic performance artists and when paired together, well, you  just know boners something spectacular’s going to happen.

Their latest joint project is Pussé Parlor, an evening of sex-forward performance that seeks to “redefine art with burlesque and drag, one parlor at a time.” They debuted the show earlier this month, at Local 940, and their next go round is coming up on March 26th at Vox Populi. There, they’ll bring in fellow burlesquers Roxy Boom Boom, Gin Saint Jermaine, Lulu Lenore and Ms. Philadelphia Leather 2015 Lascivious Jane. The show, Icon tells me, is themed “sexual expression and body positivity, and we’re also paying homage to the art of BDSM and kink.”

That’s evident in their first promo video for the show, which finds Gemini and Icon in leather and various stages of tied-up, bound and gagged. There are whips, lots teeth and fishnets—and the whole thing is set to Madonna’s “Human Nature.” Check it out above.

Keep track of future Pussé Parlor events—where, don’t forget, the password is always “pussé”—via Facebook and Instagram.