6 Classy Break-Up Spots in Philadelphia

Where to go when it’s the end of the affair.

Choosing the right backdrop for your breakup depends on what sort of breakup you have in mind. Bidding a wistful, sweet goodbye-forever? The semi-secret John F. Collins pocket park at 17th and Chestnut is the perfect spot, very The Way We Were. You’re close enough to Rittenhouse to grab a decent coffee, but far enough that people you know aren’t likely to witness the tears and tissues. (If you think there’s a chance the whole ordeal might really go south, Fitler Square meets the same standards but also provides endless directions in which to flee.)

Should your relationship call for a less romantic but no less final kiss-off, you might prefer a place like Bridgid’s (Fairmount, 215-232-3232), where the generally boisterous crowd will hardly notice any dramatics at your table, and the bartender — who’s seen sadder stories than yours — is ready, both before and after “the talk,” with a hefty pour. Likewise, the servers at A.Bar (Rittenhouse, 215-825-7035) are a sympathetic bunch, and — silver lining! — the generally good-looking crowd is rife with instant rebound material. And speaking of the conquest: If you’re looking to break it off but keep it, shall we say, friendly, your best bets right now are probably the ice-skating rinks at Penn’s Landing’s River Rink Winterfest (Penn’s Landing, 215-925-7465) or Dilworth Park (Center City, 215-983-1291), where you can break up on ice, fall adorably to induce some pity, console each other over hot drinks … you see where this is headed.

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