Burglars Steal ATM, Flat-Screen TVs from Paddy’s Pub

Cops say two men broke through a door at Paddy's Old City Pub, the bar that shares a name with the one on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


Two men broke into Paddy’s Old City Pub and spent an hour inside burglarizing the bar, police said. The burglars entered by breaking into a door and got away with an ATM and two flat-screen televisions.

The venerable watering hole — which shares a name with the fictional Paddy’s Pub on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — has long been a welcome respite from the flashier clubs and bars in Old City. (“Paddy’s is a smoky pub with a welcoming atmosphere,” the Drink Nation writes.)

Police released surveillance footage of the burglary.

The cops also released descriptions of the two suspects.

  • Suspect No. 1: Black male, 40-50 years-of-age, 6’0″, medium to stocky build, mustache, wearing glasses, light colored hat, light colored jacket with a black hooded sweatshirt underneath, light colored pants, and light colored Nike sneakers.
  • Suspect No. 2: Black male, 40 years-of-age, 5’7”-5’9”, thin build, wearing a dark baseball style cap, dark jacket and jeans with a design on both rear pockets, possibly a skull.


Please note that last part of the second description. One of the burglars is wearing fancy designer jeans! Or, possibly, knockoffs.

paddy pub gif

Police are asking anyone with information on the burglary to contact them. Confidential tips can be sent to police in three ways: Phone (215.686.8477), text (to 773847, or PPD TIP) or using this online form.