Mr. Gay Philadelphia, Lou Cutler, Named to The Advocate’s 40 People Who Broke Gender Rules

Good news for the first ever transgender man to win the title of Mr. Gay Philadelphia: Lou Cutler was named to The Advocate‘s “40 People Who Show 2014 Was a Year for Breaking Gender Rules” list.

Compiled by The Advocate‘s Mitch Kellaway, Cutler was ranked amongst the likes of Laverne Cox, Carmen Carrera, and Janet Mock. According to the magazine, “Winning Mr. Gay Philadelpha as an out trans man allowed Cutler’s audiences and readers across the country to see queer, trans male sexuality in a way they hadn’t before.”

After his June crowning, Cutler shared with us that, “[Winning] means a lot to me. … It’s kind of hard to be a gay trans man sometimes. … But I’m very proud of who I am, and I’ve worked very hard to become who I am. This, in some sense, is a dream come true for me. To be able to be part of this community, and also represent my own community—and to just be visible. It’s important for me to be out and visible as gay and trans, to show the community that not every trans person is the same.”

Congrats to Lou on his national recognition!