YouTube Sensation Brendan Jordan On Being Featured In American Apparel Ads

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Fifteen-year-old diva Brendan Jordan, who was “discovered” after he was filmed voguing and throwing shade during a Las Vegas newscast, has taken all his fabulousness to a new level by showing off his pastel colored shorts and pleather tights in a series of ads for his favorite store, American Apparel.

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Jordan shared that the American Apparel photoshoot was a dream come true. “We played Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album the whole time, so I could get into my fiercest mode. I remember when I got there I told them I wanted to wear a skirt in one of the shots. Just because I’m a boy, that doesn’t mean I have to wear boy clothes. I refuse to conform to the ways of society, and choose to rebel in the most artistic way,” he said.

But he’s more than just a sassy face: Jordan also said his sudden, eh, “fame” has allowed him to be a clear voice for LGBTQ youth. He told Huffington Post, “The biggest change, though, is that I can finally be heard. I strongly throw a message out there of equality, freedom, love, self-acceptance and absolutely no judgment. I want people to know it is ok to be themselves, and fight for what they believe in.”

We just LOVE the fierce face Brendan is showing in the black pleather pants, patchwork hoodie, and pride T-shirt in the picture above. You can check out his Instagram at jordvnhaus; as a preview, we’ve included him posing outside of American Apparel’s headquarters.