James Dupree Will Get to Keep His Mantua Art Studio

The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority says the supermarket planned for Mantua will not go through as a result.


Back in January, we told you about James Dupree’s Mantua art studio. The city wanted to use eminent domain to take the studio from Dupree. It wanted the space for a supermarket.

Well, there is news: Today, the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority announced it was dropping the condemnation of Dupree’s property. The PRA says legal costs defending Dupree’s appeal of the condemnation would be too much.

“Despite all the work to date, PRA will end condemnation proceedings enabling Mr. Dupree to keep his studio,” the PRA announced in a release. “While we have explored the potential of building around Mr. Dupree’s property, a viable project under these conditions is not possible. In short, the inability to acquire Mr. Dupree’s property puts the prospect of bringing fresh food to this community at serious risk.”

A statement is forthcoming from Dupree. Read the entire release from the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority below.

PRA Drops Condemnation of Dupree Studio