Ed Rendell Is OK with NFL Game Being Moved This Time

"They get an exemption from wussiness," Rendell says of the NFL's decision to move Jets-Bills to Detroit after heavy snow in Buffalo.

I tweeted the above joke yesterday. In 2010, a Vikings-Eagles game in Philadelphia was moved to Tuesday night because of snow. Rendell fumed over it, and the incident somehow led to a book by Rendell, A Nation of Wusses.

They’ve gotten quite a bit of snow this week in upstate New York, and Jets-Bills — originally scheduled for Sunday in Buffalo — has been moved to Monday at Detroit’s Ford Field. The NFL made the decision yesterday.

And, thanks to NJ.com’s Dom Cosentino, my tweet is no longer just a joke: We now know Ed Rendell’s feelings on the move. He’s okay with it this time!

“Obviously, there’s a limit if there’s a state of emergency and the government’s not letting people on the roads,” Rendell told Cosentino. “They get an exemption from wussiness.”

Rendell says this situation is different than the one five years ago in Philadelphia, where the game was moved before any snow had fallen. “I know Buffalo never would have cancelled a football game for 11½ inches of snow,” he said.

The Eagles play the Titans Sunday at 1 p.m., and you can hear Ed Rendell say “we” when referring to the Eagles weekly on Comcast SportsNet after every game.