Philadelphia’s Christmas Tree Will Be Inside the City Hall Courtyard

Although Dilworth Park is now open, the Center City District says the city has chosen to put the tree inside the City Hall courtyard.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

In response to a question on Twitter, the Center City District confirmed that the City of Philadelphia’s Christmas tree will not be in the newly opened Dilworth Park just west of City Hall. It will be in the City Hall courtyard.

The Center City District says the city made the decision to put the three in the courtyard instead of next to the park’s new ice rink, which will open on November 14th. The Center City District plans to light the already-exising trees in Dilworth Park.

Before the closing of the space for a three-year renovation in 2009, Philadelphia’s Christmas tree was in the middle of Dilworth Plaza for years. (Back in 2011, I reminisced about the time Mayor John Street did a bit with The Count from Sesame Street and messed up his lines.) Some were hoping the tree would return to the plaza — sorry, park — this season.

Nope! Per CCD, the City wants it inside the courtyard. It’s not the worst idea: City Hall’s courtyard space is usually dead, and the tree inside will at least give it a festive atmosphere.

In other tree news, the city is still looking for a tree.

Perhaps we should hedge this story a bit: If Philadelphia finds someone to donate a Christmas tree to the city, it will be placed inside the City Hall courtyard.

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