Ex-Worker Sues, Says He Awoke Post-Colonoscopy With Pink Panties On

A former worker at the Delaware Surgery Center says he's suffered ever since.



A man in Delaware is suing a surgical center, alleging someone put pink panties on him after he had a colonoscopy.

Andrew Walls, 32, sued the Delaware Surgical Center October 10th for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Walls was an employee at the center at the time.

In 2012, Walls says he was placed under anesthesia for a colonoscopy. When he woke up, he saw he was wearing a pair of women’s pink panties. “When the plaintiff initially presented for his colonoscopy he had not been wearing pink women’s underwear and at no time did the plaintiff voluntarily, knowingly or intentionally place the pink women’s underwear upon himself,” the lawsuit reads.

“How do you not settle this case and let it get out in the community?” Attorney Benjamin A. Schwartz, who blogged about the incident, told The News Journal. “This is the type of thing that, if it is true, you want to settle it and get a confidentiality agreement.” The suit was filed just before the two-year statute of limitations.

The lawsuit says Wells has suffered from “shame, embarrassment, and personal humiliation” as a result of the incident.

Read the lawsuit below.

Women's Panties Lawsuit