Cops Push CNN’s Don Lemon at Ferguson Protest

The former anchor and reporter at NBC 10 said on air he believed he was going to be arrested. He wasn't, but others were.

“Imagine what they are doing to people when you don’t see on national television, the people who don’t have a voice like we do.”

This is what Don Lemon said during a CNN live shot yesterday, not long after he was shoved by a police officer while reporting on a protest in Ferguson, Missouri.

Lemon, formerly a weekend anchor and general assignment reporter for NBC 10, said he had been standing in that spot all day. Police were attempting to move the protesters due to traffic concerns. “I think from my perspective here, the police actually created the traffic situation and the situation that’s going on, the chaos here, rather than the people who are just standing here,” Lemon said in his report.

Lemon was only shoved (and, um, kind of lightly). But things were not so good for other journalists, some of whom were arrested yesterday while covering the protest. Meanwhile, 31 were arrested in all as peaceful protests turned violent overnight. Reports say many arrested were from out of the area.

Meanwhile, someone threw something at Chris Hayes.

Police fired tear gas late in the night in order to get people to disperse. Two people were shot in Ferguson last night.