Philly Homicides Spiked in July

But they're still down from last year.

The bad news: It’s a murderous summer in Philly.

The good news: We’re still on pace to have fewer homicides than 2013 — which in turn was Philly’s most peaceful year in decades.

So not so bad, overall.

The news arrives via, which looks at the latest every-28-days crime stats update from the Philadelphia Police Department and does the work:

The latest weekly report from the Philadelphia Police Department shows a 33 percent leap in homicides for the period ending August 3rd, when compared with the previous 28-day period. At the same time, homicides were still down four percent year-to-date, and total violent crime offenses were down by seven percent

GunCrisis adds: “As of Monday morning, the Philadelphia Police Crime Maps and Stats page reported 149 homicides to date this year, compared with 152 at the same time last year, representing a two percent reduction.”