WEEKEND ROUNDUP: Boys of Summer, The Story of Love and Equality, BlackStar Film Festival and More

Marriage Equality remains a controversial topic for folks on both sides of the issue. Because the battle is so heated, people rarely take time to actually hear arguments from the other side. Filmmaker Becca Roth set out, along with her girlfriend, to open a dialogue between both parties in this political and social war. The result? One: A Story of Love and Equality.

The documentary will be playing at the National Liberty Museum today (Friday, August 1st.) There will be a reception at 5:30 p.m., with the film beginning at 6:30 p.m. Roth will be attendance to lead a Q&A discussion after the viewing.

This issue remains at the forefront of queer politics, and staying informed on both sides of the issue is more important than ever. It can be hard to stomach the arguments against marriage equality, but in order to combat our enemies we must know what they’re doing, and fortunately or unfortunately, we must work together to move toward total equality. Friday, August 1, 5:30 p.m., $15 (suggested donation), National Liberty Museum, 321 Chestnut Street.


  • It's Boys of Summer 2014 weekend.

    It’s Boys of Summer 2014 weekend.

    Get political at Cocktail & Candidates, the August edition.

  • Boys of Summer 2014 kicks off with, what else, a sure-to-be-Speedo-clad Pool Party.
  • Tabu is serving bear-realness in its latest installment of Bearlesque.
  • We “Can’t Hardly Wait” for Venture Inn’s upcoming Sleepover dance party, with its ’90s nostalgia, music, and candy.
  • Things are hot and cold at Happy Bear—the beers are cool, and the bears are oh-so-steamy.
  • The August edition of Cutn Paste is a tribute to the queens of hip-hop.



  • You’ve got two options for brunch today: the Phreak N Queer Drag Brunch culminates this year’s PNQ festival.
  • And, if you haven’t gotten the Boys of Summer (BOS) out of your system yet, there will be a BOS BBQ on Icandy’s third floor Tiki Deck.

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