You Can Sign Up to Punch John Bolaris In the Face If You’re Famous Enough

John Bolaris, who last boxed in a celebrity match in 1996, will lace up the gloves again for a yet-to-be-determined charity.

Great news out of the celebrity boxing front: John Bolaris is stepping back into the ring! Eighteen years after stepping into the ring for a celebrity match against Q102’s Diego Ramos, Bolaris is planning to lace up the gloves again.

The fight, if it happens, will be promoted by Damon Feldman. The former boxer — he had a 9-0 record as a middleweight in fights held mostly at the Blue Horizon — made his mark in celebrity boxing with that first Bolaris-Ramos fight. Ramos won that in a split decision, because it’s boxing and even celebrity matches have to be controversial.

(A side note: I had Philly’s Bryant Jennings winning that fight Saturday even without the one-point deduction his opponent got in the 12th. No controversy here!)

Feldman has been pressuring Bolaris to get back into the ring, even (per the Daily News’ Molly Eichel) comparing Bolaris to Robert De Niro’s character in Grudge Match. (That film, which opened last Christmas, was essentially Raging Bull vs. Rocky.) There is a problem, though: Bolaris doesn’t have an opponent this time. Here’s the upside: It could be you!

Yes, if you are famous enough — or, taking a guess, probably even if you’re not — you can email Feldman at and request to fight the weatherman. Feldman also says he’s looking for people to settle their Twitter feuds in the ring. Also, he has a TV show coming out?

Feldman says he’s done 175 fights since Bolaris-Ramos I. It’s unclear if that includes the cancelled DMX-George Zimmerman fight from earlier this year.