Almost Like Old Times: Phillies Win on Ryan Howard Walkoff Homer

Chase Utley and Ryan Howard led the Phillies to victory and Ben Revere high-stepped it to home plate.

The Phillies rallied from a run down in the ninth to beat the Rockies on Wednesday night, and the way they did it was just fantastic: Chase Utley stroked a two-out single to tie the game at 3, and Ryan Howard followed with a three-run game-ending home run.

It was the kind of thing the 23-27 Phillies haven’t done much of this year—they’re only 11-15 at home. But what was great was the way Ben Revere high-stepped it to home plate after Howard’s walkoff.

This is the kind of fun, football-style high-stepping you almost never see in baseball! I wish the game had more of it. Maybe the players could be required to high-step around the bases to make extra innings more interesting.

Phillies blogger Zoo with Roy (and others) noticed the curious positioning of Jonathan Papelbon’s hands during the walkoff celebration, and invented a new product accordingly.

And after all that, Howard successfully avoided taking the brunt of a celebratory pie to the face.

It was a pretty great night for the local baseball nine. Maybe we could get more of it? A man can dream, after all.