I’m From Driftwood: Tyunique Nelson’s Trans Love Story

I’m From Driftwood — a project by Brooklyn’s Nathan Manske and Philly’s filmographer Marquise Lee — captures stories from LGBTers around the globe, but every once in a while we’ll get a good spotlight right here in Philadelphia. The latest was filmed at the Mazzoni Center. It’s a touching story told by a young woman named Tyunique Nelson, who details meeting and falling in love with Alex, a person who ultimately identifies as transgender.

When we first started dating Alex identified as Nadia because he hadn’t transitioned yet, so he identified as Nadia and I had to explain to my mom that I liked this person. So my mom blamed my dad, my dad blamed my mom, and I didn’t blame anybody because I knew this is just me.

Despite the criticism, Nelson stuck by Nadia, because, as she explains in the video: “There’s not one type of love, there’s a billion types.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Check out Tyunique’s full story below. (And get a load of that shirt she’s wearing: “If you were a book, I’d read you.” Love it!)