Amazon Adds Sunday Delivery for Philadelphia

'Millions' of items are eligible for be delivered on Sunday in Philadelphia and 14 other new cities.

Amazon announced Thursday it was adding Sunday delivery to 15 additional U.S. cities, including Philadelphia. That’s right: You can now get your Wire DVDs faster. And, y’know, baby formula, and other essentials.

“So far, the most common items delivered on Sunday include baby supplies such as newborn apparel, books and toys — Sunday delivery is clearly crossing errands off the weekend to-do list,” said Mike Roth, Amazon’s vice president of North America operations said in the press release announcing the deal. The program launched last november in New York and Los Angeles.

Amazon says consumers will be notified if an item is available for Sunday delivery.

The United States Postal Service is delivering the packages — the first deal for Sunday delivery in the USPS’ history. The contract goes for five years, but each side has a 30-day escape clause.

Amazon Prime members can get free shipping on Sunday with packages they order on Friday. For non-prime members, the order total needed for free five-to-eight day shipping is now $35, up from $25.