School Officials Didn’t Know of Main Line Drug Investigation

Prosecutors say schools don't want the image problem.

The Inquirer reports this morning that school officials weren’t aware of the investigation into the “Main Line Take Over” high school drug ring until hours before authorities announced 11 arrests and the seizure of drugs, weapons, and cash in the case.

The admission underscores what has become a frustration among some law enforcement agencies vying to root out networks that peddle to teens: Collaborating with schools during investigations can be difficult — or even counterproductive.

Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan said the issue is an image problem. “No school wants to be known as the school where we found drugs,” said Hogan, whose office had a small role in the Main Line case. “They don’t even want to hear that there are drugs in their schools.”

The schools may not have been spared the image problem.