EQUALITY BILL: PA Lawmaker to Introduce Same-Sex Divorce Bill

Representative Mike Schlossberg

Representative Mike Schlossberg

We haven’t even got marriage yet, but one Pennsylvania pro-LGBT politician says “divorce equality” should be on our agenda, too. Philadelphia Gay News reports:

Rep. Mike Schlossberg (D-132nd Dist.) said this week he will introduce a divorce-equality bill within the next few weeks. The measure would allow same-sex couples living in Pennsylvania who are legally married in another state to get divorced or have their marriage annulled.

Pennsylvania law currently defines marriage as being between one man and one woman, which has driven countless couples to other states to legally wed; however, many of those states have residency requirements that mandate couples live in those states for a time period in order to dissolve their marriage.

Schlossberg is circulating a cosponsorship memo and hopes to have 20-25 cosponsors when he introduces the legislation. He said he is aiming to have every member of the LGBT Equality Caucus sign on.

The bill will be sent to either the State Government or Judiciary committees, and Schlossberg said he doubts the legislation will make it onto the House floor.

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