The Most Shocking Thing in Today’s Story About Mayor Nutter’s Travels

Philly's ambassador to the world can't spring for decent tech.

Lots of interesting tidbits in today’s Inky story about Mayor Nutter’s jet-setting ways, but the most appalling and shocking detail was this:

Indeed, the city spent $1,646 last year on a Microsoft tablet and accessories for the mayor – so he can stay in touch from near and far, whether he’s on Capitol Hill or in a Roman hotel.

A Microsoft tablet? City Hall couldn’t spring for an iPad? The fact that Mayor Nutter has a Microsoft tablet puts worldwide sales of Microsoft tablets at (roughly estimating) two: My dad has the other one. Oh, the shame. If you’re going to spend our taxpayer money traveling around the nation, Mr. Mayor, at least take a tablet we can be proud of. (iPads even have the Microsoft Office apps these days, so there are no excuses!)