15 Questions With DJ Tracy Young

Miami-based DJ Tracy Young — most known for spinning Madonna and Guy Richie’s wedding party in 2000, and (sorry, Tracy) being the woman who briefly turned Kim Zolciak bisexual on Real Housewives of Atlanta — is coming to Philadelphia this weekend to spin the second go-round of Bruce Yelk’s new bi-weekly rager, bi at Sundown. In anticipation, I called her up one day to ask her 15 quick, fun questions. In the course of about 20 minutes I learned that she’s nuts for Miley Cyrus, not so nuts for Gaga, and, heads up, ladies, she’s single and open to mingling.

G Philly: What’s the last record you bought?
Tracy Young: Out of all honesty, “Adore” by Miley Cyrus. I like Miley a lot.

GP: What’s the first record you bought?
TY: Oh, I love this question. It was “Kiss You All Over” by a band called Exile. It’s one of my all-time favorite songs. I was just listening to that the other day.

GP: Favorite city to play?
TY: Oh God there’s so many. Can I give you a couple? I love New York, it’s my second home. I love playing Miami, because it is my home. Besides those, Montreal is one of my most favorite cities to play in.

GP: Who’s been your favorite artist to remix?
TY: Obviously Madonna. I owe a lot to her for supporting my career for so long, and playing such an important part of my life and career. I just remixed Cher’s “I Walk Alone.” Pink wrote that song. I also remixed Kylie Minogue “Into the Blue.” Madonna will always be my No. 1, but working with Cher and Kyle was a highlight.

GP: What do you think of Madonna’s new Game of Thrones look?
TY: I wish people would leave her alone. She’s Madonna. I get upset when people beat up on people in general, especially when it’s somebody who’s done so much. I don’t care what she wears. She can wear what the hell she wants. Leave her alone. Let her entertain us. That’s all she wants to do.

GP: Who do you think is the most under-rated pop star?
TY: Christina Perri. I just remixed a song for her called “Human.” I think she’s somebody to keep an eye on.


GP: Who’s the over-rated pop star?
TY: Lady Gaga! I think she’s super talented, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that in a negative way. I don’t find her authentic. I don’t understand the outfits. Quite frankly, I find it a distraction from the quality of music she puts out. People are more interested in talking about what she wore and the shock factor. “Applause” was a great record, and I don’t think it got the attention it deserved.

GP: My next question was gong to be Gaga or Miley?, but now I pretty much know the answer to that.
TY: I really like Miley a lot. I always kind of did. I think she’s got the biggest balls. I wish I had balls like that. I love her. I think her music is amazing.

GP: How about this one: Kim or Nene?
TY: Oh God. That was so long ago. Kim is cool. I didn’t expect that to happen the way that it did, but it was so long ago. Going through that wasn’t easy all the time. I’m a private person. I didn’t expect that whole craze to happen, but I don’t regret anything I’ve done anything in my life. I don’t regret hanging out with Kim and dating her.

GP: Do you still talk to her?
TY: I’d prefer not to answer that?

GP: Are you single?
TY: Single and ready to mingle!

GP: Let’s finish up with some local stuff. Have you known Bruce Yelk for a long time?
TY: My friend Don recently connected us on a personal level. I find him to be such a wonderful person. I’m beyond excited to be coming to Philly. It’s been so long since I’ve been there. I’m grateful to Bruce for inviting me. I’m gonna make sure it’s a night Philly will never.

GP: Philly’s recently seen a rejuvenation in its lesbian party scene. Have any advice about how to keep it popping?
TY: You have to create an experience in anything you do. It’s all about the bells and whistles now. I wish the boys and the girls would come together, but I’m not sure that will ever happen.

GP: Well, that’s what bi at Sundown‘s all about — being an all-inclusive party.
TY: Exactly, and that’s why I love what Bruce is trying to do. I think he’s very forward in his thinking.

GP: Thanks for chatting, Tracy. Any plugs before we go?
TY: Right now I’m working int he studio. I have some original tracks coming out soon on my record label, Ferosh. I’m just gigging right now, and focused on music.

DJ Tracy Young plays bi at Sundown on Sunday, March 30th. More information here