Southern Baptist Sissies Coming Back to Philly

southern baptist sissies

Being a big ol’ Southern sissy myself, I was excited to see that Del Shores’ Southern Baptist Sissies is getting a little more Philly screen time since showing at QFest last year. Shores, writer and director of gay favorites Sordid Lives and Queer As Folk, has released the film on a limited theatrical run, and it will show as a special engagement at PhilaMOCA on March 13.

The flick is a stage-film hybrid, filmed in 10 days in front of four live theater audiences. It concerns four nelly queens growing up gay in a Southern Baptist church, and how each of them deals with being, well, nelly queens, in an anti-gay establishment. The sissies are played by Emerson Collins (Sordid Lives: The Series), Matthew Scott Montgomery (So Random), Luke Stratte-McClure (Yellow) and RuPaul’s Drag Race star Willam Belli in boy face. The wonderful Leslie Jordan‘s in it, too, because of course.

Here’s where else it’s playing around the country starting February 21: 

  • Palm Springs, Feb. 21
  • Los Angeles, March 7
  • Philadelphia, March 13
  • Detroit, March 21
  • Portland, March 28
  • New Orleans, April 4
  • Sioux Falls, May 4