Fort Lee Mayor Attending State of the Union

See? Wasn't Bridgegate worth it after all?

Mark Sokolich, aka the “Little Serbian” (actually not so little Croatian) punished for not endorsing Mr. Governor, has a ticket to the State of the Union address tonight. And there’s a 194% chance the camera will pan to him at one point. He’s there as the guest of U.S. Rep Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), who says Bridgegat had nothing to do with the invitation.

“He did exhibit a standup attitude [on the bridge issue] which I’ve grown to like and I can’t say I kept that out of my mind because that’s not the truth, but it’s not the reason he was selected,” Pascrell said of Sokolich. Rather, Pascrell said he invited someone from Paterson last year and wanted this year’s invitation to go to someone from Bergen.