Oh Look: More Chris Christie Bridgegate Revelations

Just in time for his State of the State speech.

Just in time for his State of the Totally Scandal-Free State speech, two news reports were published today that cast doubt on Chris Christie’s official assurances about his non-involvement in “Bridgegate.”

First, a Wall Street Journal piece demonstrating that he was with former Port Authority executive David Wildstein on September 11th of this year, right in the middle of the lane closure brouhaha. (Christie said in last week’s press conference that he hadn’t seen Wildstein since “well before” the election and that he “did not interact with David” as a matter of course.)

Second, TPM reports that State Senator Loretta Weinberg sent a September letter on which Christie was copied, expressing her alarm at the lane closures. Christie has suggested he didn’t learn about them until October.

All of that, of course, will not be addressed during the governor’s State of the State speech, beginning today at 3 p.m. Watch below.