Jo Stones Wins First Philly Songbird Competition

Last night, scruffy singer-songwriter Jo Stones was named winner of Philly’s first Songbird competition, a contest in the Gayborhood to find the city’s best singer. He was chosen out of a crop of 16 that was whittled down every week since the event started in September.

I asked Songbird judge and Philly Weekly music writer Bill Chenevert what it was that put Stones above the rest:

“One of my favorite things about Jo Stones is that he’s a very positive, happy person who radiates soul. It’s said that every fallen Songbird was pulling for him last night and that’s not entirely surprising: he played fair, honestly, and with the right attitude. … As a performer he’s magnetic. Whether he’s behind a keyboard or not, his voice is dynamic and strong.”

You can catch Stones yourself when he performs with finalists Jordan and Madeline at Tin Angel on Jan. 18. For now, check out some of his performance videos below and keep track of what he’s up to via his website and YouTube page.