Vince Fumo Considering Run For Office


Vince Fumo is less than four months out of prison and already considering a run for office. Now, cool your jets, Pennsylvania state law means he can’t run for elected office, strictly speaking. But he can run for party office, and become a behind-the-scenes player.

In a sworn deposition filed in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court this week, Fumo said he was contemplating “running for a party office.”… Fumo, 70, went on to say he was considering seeking election to Democratic State Committee.

According to the Inquirer, there’s some local precedent for this scenario–Former elected official convicted of “embezzlement of public moneys, bribery, perjury or other infamous crime” gets elected to party office.

Robert Asher, a top Republican fund-raiser, has served since 1998 as one of the three Pennsylvania members of the Republican National Committee. He was convicted, along with a state treasurer, of mail fraud, perjury, and conspiracy charges stemming from awarding of a state contract.

But Asher did not step into the post until a dozen years after his conviction.

So Vince Fumo has a massive amount of chutzpah. What else is new. [Inquirer]