Toni Braxton Wants to Play a Lesbian On “Orange Is the New Black”

Silky smooth R&B chanteuse Toni Braxton is lobbying for a role on the next season of Orange is the New Black, and, according to HuffPo, she hopes this may be her chance to accomplish her dream of portraying a lesbian:

Earlier this year, Braxton said that she really wants to play a lesbian on-screen. Now, she’s narrowed her TV landscape. “I’m hoping to be on Orange Is the New Black,” she told TheGrio recently. “That’s my favorite show. I told you I wanted to be a lesbian … I still want that.”

Back in February, Braxton said she was about to retire and quit making music, but she did a 180 on that notion and said, “Retiring is off the table now. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

What do you think, OITNB fans? Maybe she could be Big Boo‘s newest object of affection? I’m fine with it, just as long as she leaves Tamar at home.