PHOTOS: 26 Sexy Santas

Jake Gyllenhaal makes sexy Santa in a scene from Jarhead.

Jake Gyllenhaal makes Santa sexy in a scene from Jarhead.

I gave myself the difficult task of scouring the web and Instagram for sexy male Santa photos. It all started when I was out shopping over the weekend and saw a rack of Santa hats for sale. Suddenly, my mind went zooming to its naughtier regions, where I was reminded of that oh-so-hot scene in Jarhead when Jake Gyllenhaal dances around in his army tent wearing nothing but two Santa hats, one on his head and one on his you-know-what. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about: here. You’re welcome.)

So in honor of a holiday fantasy that, I’m sure, will forever live on in the minds of gay men (and some of you ladies) across the world, I give to you a slideshow of 25 of the sexiest Santas I could find. Happy holigays!