A Guy Who Might Be the Next President, in Philly Last Night

Bobby Jindal Disses Lady Gaga at the National Constitution Center.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is somewhere between long-shot and medium-shot for the 2016 GOP nomination, behind Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Chris Christie and Rand Paul (ahaha just kidding never gonna happen). But his presence in Philadelphia last night was notable not just for his political plans but for his thoughts on energy policy. He, like Tom Corbett, is a big fracking booster, and wasn’t shy about dissing those who weren’t.

He called out the activist group Artists Against Fracking, founded by Yoko Ono and including Lady Gaga, for “touting fact-free Hollywood celebrity-driven campaigns against a technology that has given us energy security and clean-burning energy while lowering emissions of all types.”

“If they really think that Yoko Ono and Lady Gaga should be setting American energy policy, I am happy to go on record denying that it’s a good idea,” Jindal said.

Ok, whatever you think of fracking, that’s a good line. Here’s the video of his conversation with NCC President Jeff Rosen.

The 11th Annual Templeton Lecture with Gov. Bobby Jindal from National Constitution Center on FORA.tv