Chris Christie Taking Overthe RGA Today

But it wasn't supposed to happen this way.

Today, Chris Christie officially becomes the chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association, where as the Inquirer‘s Jonathan Tamari notes, he’ll get plenty of official reasons to travel to swing states. The torch will be passed by another possible 2016 candidate, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who led the RGA this year.

For those of you interested in intra-Republican backroom horse-trading, it wasn’t always supposed to be this way. Initially, CNN reports, Christie was supposed to take over in 2013, and Jindal in’ 14. But Christie argued that he would also be running for re-election, and maneuvered to get the ’14 slot instead. (Also handy for a guy who will probably run for president.) “One GOP operative familiar with the jockeying, however, said Jindal and his team were “a little frustrated” by Christie’s attempt to pry away a job that the Louisiana governor thought was rightfully his.” Either way, as Ohio governor John Kasich told some media members in Arizona, where Christie is accepting the title today: “You all know, you guys can’t get enough of him.”